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By GonzaloAbad
08 Jun 2018

Thais with the pictures of the King Rama IX with the thai police wait to be able to enter The Royal Cremation Ceremony
Hundreds of Thais wait and sleep in the street to be able to enter Sanam Luang area to see the ceremony to their king Rama IX on 26th October.

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Agbiz Video Report Final 4 June 2018
By Marize de Klerk
04 Jun 2018

Tribute to Agbiz South Africa president, Schalk Pienaar who suddenly passed away combined with the Agbiz SA (Agricultural Business Chamber) biennial video report

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By Aaron Fenster
03 Jun 2018

Made this for an author friend as a "visual calendar interior monologue" promo piece. Conceived idea and recorded audio/video in about 90 minutes. As I'm new to video, unfortunately I recorded sound way too low, and music is not licensed, so posted for video sample purposes only.

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South Sudan's Youth- A Generation dis...
By alexiawebster
15 May 2018

South Sudan's millennials are a generation of displaced. They grew up stateless, in uncertainty, mostly spending their childhoods and teenage years in refugee camps in neighboring countries. When South Sudan got independence 5 years ago this homeless generation returned full of hope, finally having a country to call their own. But the worlds youngest nation has been plagued by violence, with a civil war breaking out in 2013 and most recently fighting erupting in the capital of Juba once again. When I visited in May I spent time with some of the musicians, artists, fashion designers and entrepreneurs who are trying to be part of the world of global youth culture and yet surrounded by uncertainty and anxiety. Everyday life in the capital was precarious, dangerous and often unstable and yet this younger generation who grew up as refugees were determined to stay and make a home, to continue to make music, dance, go a bit wild and be free. Since the fighting broke I have been chatting to many of the people I spent time with a few months ago. Over whatsapp they told me of listening to gun shots outside their front doors, dead bodies on the streets, of whatsapp group messages telling them that different ethnic groups were being hunted in the city and of friends being killed. Most fled the capital and returned to the cities are camps they were raised in.

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RHA Gallery Event
By Rob_Nolan
08 May 2018

Mainly venue & Food shots from Ball at the RHA