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02 Apr 2013 08:00

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Music Therapy for Autistic Children i...
kathmandu, Nepal
By Rajneesh Bhandari
01 Apr 2013

There is still no official data regarding the numbers of autistic people in Nepal. Unfortunately, it is estimated that the number of autistic children is increasing daily.

Of Nepal’s population of 30 million, a rough estimate shows that 300 thousand people are living with autism, and around 60 to 90 thousand of them are within the spectrum of severe autism.

Autistic children need therapy to improve their understanding and responses. Various treatments such as art therapy, music therapy and occupational therapy have been shown to improve the lives of autistic children.

In this video, Kedar Ghandari, a music therapist, discusses his use of music therapy to help autistic children in Nepal.

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Syrian refugees in Jordan
Mafraq, Jordan
By Marina Fonda
25 Jan 2013

Syrian refugees in the Zaatari refugee camp, Mafraq, Northern Jordan, speak about their stories and perspectives. Full transcript and translation available on request.

00,57الجيش السوري هو من آذاني وهو المسؤول عن تحطيم جسدي والتسبب بعدة كسور فيه ، لقد كسر لي أضلاعي الاربعة اضافة لكسر في الجمجمة وانقراص في العمود الفقري ، خرجت من الاعتقال وفي كل سنتيميتر من جسدي كسر.
الكسور هذه هل هي بفعل الجيش النظامي؟ نعم من الجيش هل تم اعتقالك من الطريق العام؟ لا . لقد تم اعتقالي على أحد حواجز الجيش.

1,25 سقوط البراميل المتفجرة على منزلنا جعلت طفلي بسبب الخوف بفقد النطق .
هل فقد السمع والنطق؟ بالنسبة للسمع فقد خف لديه كثيراً فهو يسمع لكن بشكل خفيف ، أما النطق فقد فقده تماماً

1,44 حالات الاغتصاب كثيرة فهي جرت في عدة قرى وليس فقط في قرية "صيده" ، عندنا في خلال عمليات الاقتحام كانوت يحضرون النساء والاطفال "الجيش النظامي" , احدى المرات جرى اشتباك بيننا على جسر "صيده" فوضعوا امامنا سبعة أطفال أمام الدبابة بعمر طفلي..هل وضعوهم كدروع بشرية ؟ نعم .
وقبل هذه الحادثة جرى بيننا اشتباك على طريق داعل فوضعوا أمامنا فتاتين عاريتين ، فأدرنا ظهورنا وانسحبنا للخلف، لقد انسحبنا.

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Transition (Part 2 of 2)
Moscow, Russia
By Marina Fonda
03 Jan 2010

Wissam is a Journalism student in Moscow and former Syrian Army officer. After being forbidden by his advisor teacher of writing his final paper on the farce of Russian coverage of the conflicts on Syria, he decides to head back to his homeland to make a film and show Russians what's really going on in his country. But they seem to have already been persuaded by state TVs' official propaganda pro Bashar Al Assad.
This teaser refers to a full HD 50 min. documentary film.

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Dambe - Promo
Bamako, Mali
By Dearbhla Glynn
03 Apr 2013

This is the musical story of two talented Irish musicians covering thousands of miles
of stunning yet arduous terrain from Bamako in the south to the mysterious ancient
city of Timbuktu, from which point they enter the Sahara. The film captures Mali in
all its magic and beauty, celebrating culture and the power of music. This film is a
musical journey into Mali, West Africa. Renowned Irish musicians Liam O’Maonlaí
(The Hothouse Flowers) and Paddy Keenan (The Bothy Band) travel thousands of kilometers through Mali, to discover why it is known as the heart of Africa.

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Holy Week in Brazil (17 of 29)
Aparecida, Brazil
By Flavio Forner
29 Mar 2013

The faithful accompany the procession that tells the story of the last days of Jesus

Only today, 41 thousand pilgrims are expected at the Shrine of Aparecida. Statements of faith and love for Christ marked the Way of the Cross celebration at the National Shrine on Friday morning. Hundreds of faithful followers and pilgrims came to spend the most important week of the year in the House of Mother Aparecida and the day the Church remembers and relives the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ.

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Refugee Children
Dalhamiye, Lebanon
By Docphot
13 Feb 2013

A young Refugee child looks out from the doorway of his makeshift home across flooded land in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, along the border with Syria.

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New York City, United States of America
By joannacyprys
09 Dec 2010

A young Muslim woman recounts her experience converting to Islam and coming out of the closet.

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African Wood Company Seeks to Refores...
Yatta, Kitui - Kenya
By Ruud Elmendorp
14 Nov 2012

The Africa Wood Grow company is trying a new angle on replanting, and combatting deforestation. They hope to make their endeavor lucrative, and attractive to business owners who need lumber, and other wood products.