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Transition (Part 2 of 2)
Moscow, Russia
By Marina Fonda
03 Jan 2010

Wissam is a Journalism student in Moscow and former Syrian Army officer. After being forbidden by his advisor teacher of writing his final paper on the farce of Russian coverage of the conflicts on Syria, he decides to head back to his homeland to make a film and show Russians what's really going on in his country. But they seem to have already been persuaded by state TVs' official propaganda pro Bashar Al Assad.
This teaser refers to a full HD 50 min. documentary film.

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Garbage City (9 of 29)
Cairo, Egypt
By Jonathan Alpeyrie
18 Mar 2013

March 23, 2013, Manshiyat Naser, Egypt. A Coptic woman is walking pass a bridal store inside the slum.

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Syrian refugees in Jordan
Mafraq, Jordan
By Marina Fonda
25 Jan 2013

Syrian refugees in the Zaatari refugee camp, Mafraq, Northern Jordan, speak about their stories and perspectives. Full transcript and translation available on request.

00,57الجيش السوري هو من آذاني وهو المسؤول عن تحطيم جسدي والتسبب بعدة كسور فيه ، لقد كسر لي أضلاعي الاربعة اضافة لكسر في الجمجمة وانقراص في العمود الفقري ، خرجت من الاعتقال وفي كل سنتيميتر من جسدي كسر.
الكسور هذه هل هي بفعل الجيش النظامي؟ نعم من الجيش هل تم اعتقالك من الطريق العام؟ لا . لقد تم اعتقالي على أحد حواجز الجيش.

1,25 سقوط البراميل المتفجرة على منزلنا جعلت طفلي بسبب الخوف بفقد النطق .
هل فقد السمع والنطق؟ بالنسبة للسمع فقد خف لديه كثيراً فهو يسمع لكن بشكل خفيف ، أما النطق فقد فقده تماماً

1,44 حالات الاغتصاب كثيرة فهي جرت في عدة قرى وليس فقط في قرية "صيده" ، عندنا في خلال عمليات الاقتحام كانوت يحضرون النساء والاطفال "الجيش النظامي" , احدى المرات جرى اشتباك بيننا على جسر "صيده" فوضعوا امامنا سبعة أطفال أمام الدبابة بعمر طفلي..هل وضعوهم كدروع بشرية ؟ نعم .
وقبل هذه الحادثة جرى بيننا اشتباك على طريق داعل فوضعوا أمامنا فتاتين عاريتين ، فأدرنا ظهورنا وانسحبنا للخلف، لقد انسحبنا.

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Mitrovica (1 of 25)
Mitrovica, Kosovo
By Michael Biach
19 Mar 2013

The Mitrovica bridge over the river Ibar that divides the town into an ethnic-Serbian north and an ethnic-Kosovo Albanian south. Seen from the south through barbwire.

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2012 Tribeca Film Festival - Premiere...
New York, USA
By Genesis Broadcasting Network (TTM-TV1)
21 Apr 2012

Exclusive Russian-language interview of Alina Orlova and Sunsay, Russian Media Stars featured in the documentary 'Russian Winter', premiered at the 2012 TriBeCa Film Festival

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The Vengeful Ghosts Of A Gold Mine
Karnataka, India
By Javed Iqbal
08 Mar 2013

Sudhram holds a photo of his wife Rukhmani Bai, who suffered and died from cancer in 2012 at the age 38. He had to sell over five acres of his land to upper-caste farmers to pay for her hospital bills. Today, he himself has the similar lesions that led to his wife's death.

He laughed when I asked him if he was afraid of death.

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Letters to my (Former) Enemy
By benoit.faiveley
11 Oct 2011

Letters to My (Former) Enemy is a documentary film directed by Benoit Faiveley and is currently in production. Contact [email protected] for more information

The characters in the Documentary:
Mary is the mom of a soldier who went to Iraq twice. He is now recovering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Mary is also the woman who inspired the idea for this documentary.

Chanan, Seth and Jeremiah are veterans. Chanan is now hanging out with anti-war people. He is studiying to be a nurse. Seth has a very American hobby: firearms. He also works at the Coffee Strong café, a place he opened near a military base. Jeremiah is a Republican who used to think “Bush was too much of a lefty.” He is studying to be an actor.

These Americans will interact with four Iraqis : Baqir, Ahmed, All’a and Mohy. Baqir is a doctor. He requested political asylum in Sweden when four of his brothers were arrested by the American troops. Ahmed fought in the Mahdi Army while his brother was an interpreter for the American forces. The two “brothers at war” now live in Stockholm. All’a is a Baathist and is nostalgic for the Saddam Hussein Era... even though he’s a Shiite. Mohy has always been against : against the Baath party, against Saddam, against the U.S. He is a former communist. In contrast, Haider keeps supporting the American intervention, even if Baghdad remains in a mess today...