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11 Mar 2013 09:00

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Japan Marks 2nd Anniversary Of Tsunam...
Miyagi, Japan
By satoruniwa
11 Mar 2013

People pray for the victims of the tsunami in front of a memorial on the second anniversary day of 3.11. Yuriage, Miyagi, Japan. 11 Mar. 2013

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Health in Uganda (35 of 49)
Luweero, Uganda
By Papillon
10 Feb 2013

Luweero, Uganda - March 10, 2013
Involvement in the promotion of better health is central in the development of Uganda as a better nation. This includes clean hospitals and health centers, schools, wells and effective community outreach programs in which people receive free medication, health services and mosquito nets. But even with the strong government efforts in reducing mortality rates, the situation is still serious and dangerous in some areas of Uganda. Children are at especially high risk of vector borne diseases including malaria, as well as water-borne diseases including bacterial diarrhea. Maternal mortality is high in Uganda, and pregnancy is still the leading cause of death for young women ages 15 through 19.The picture shows , a baby girl, affected by the guinea worm, in severe conditions, in Luweero general hospital. Guinea worm, is another serious pathology, in remote areas of Uganda.

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"We Resist" _ TRAILER
Buenos Aires, Argentina
By @LatAmSight
21 Apr 2012

Directors: Philippe Bernard § Nicolas Mu
Trailer Editor DF: Mariano Melega
Creative Producer: Rebecca Martin

Brief synopsis

Hip-hop: whatever the language, whatever the country, these two words conjure up negative images. Many people see hip-hop only as a musical genre and consider it indelibly linked to violence, drugs and delinquency. Yet the overriding aim of hip-hop as a culture is to unite, educate and spread peace. It does this through four distinct forms of expression: words (rap), music, dance and graffiti. Our documentary examines the rise of hip-hop in a country whose recurrent economic and social crises have left it, too, on the margins. The result is a unique look behind the clichés of Argentina, known abroad largely for football, tango and Evita. We see Buenos Aires, and hip-hop, with new eyes.
Argentina’s turbulent contemporary history, including periods of openness and others of isolation from the outside world, have forced hip-hop musicians and artists to merge influences from abroad with elements of their own national culture. Hip-hop still occupies a niche in Argentina, but it is extremely dynamic and has forged its own identity, rather than simply copying its American or French cousins.
Graffiti artists from France, Brazil or the United States who were unable to give free rein to their artistic expression because of police repression at home, found incredible freedom and acres of white walls in Argentina. They taught their techniques to Argentine graffiti artists who imbued them with their own particular hallmarks: Jaz is one of the precursors of the “grafiteado” style, a mix between graffiti and the home-grown “fileteado” whose flourishes and curlicues are an Argentine tradition, still adorning city buses and signs today. The rapper Mustafa Yoda drew his influence from “payadores” or gaucho minstrels famous for their improvisation, for his freestyle battles. Argentina’s convulsed political, social and economic history continues to inspire the combative lyrics of groups such as Bas Crew or Actitud María Marta. El Guapo appears as the symbol of this successful quest for identity : he unites the past and the future, tango, folk, rock and hip-hop. With his inimitable style, this great collector of tango records plunges us into the Argentina of Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzola.
This documentary peels back the skin of Argentina. The creativity, dedication and determination of these hip-hop artists are a reflection of a country which continues to advance, despite its political, social and economic difficulties.

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Azerbaijan: An Illusion (4 of 12)
Baku, Azerbaijan
By Andreas bro
21 May 2012

The Eurovision Song Contest 2012 was held in Azerbaijan. The land of fire, as it is called, put on a massive and spectacular show but the festivities was tainted by the countries poor human rights record and its harsh crack down on peaceful protests. The country’s own opposition tried to draw attention to the fact that the country is not a fair democracy even though the government try to present themselves as such.
A protester is getting taken away and shut up at a peaceful rally at the lavish boulevard along Baku’s harbour front. The secret police would walk around the protesters and single them out. The minute they started shouting slogans they would be shut up dragged of into a police car that would speed of or they would be put in a bus and taken to a police station. Often this would be done very quickly and violently.

According to Amnesty International it is not a rare sight to see protesters getting arrested, registered and then left somewhere. If you are a part of arranging the protest you could look at jail time. Normally the regime charges people with hooliganism if they need someone to disappear for a few years. That or send them to do military service.
Unfortunately there are reports of alleged torture of people that are incarcerated.

Independent journalists work under tough conditions with no protection from the government and are subject of targeting. In that regard there have been two murders on journalists that the authorities have lacked investigating.
The independent journalist Khadija Ismayilova experienced the wrath of the elite. She was investigating corruption within the government when she was threatened to stop. She kept going forward with the investigations when she was filmed with a hidden camera having sex with her boyfriend. The footage was then leaked in order to defame her. There have also been accounts of people being falsely charged with possession of drugs to discredit them. According to NGO’s this is a normal procedure used by the government to crack down on any critical voices.

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The Forgotten of Nha Trang - World Ex...
Nha Trang,Vietnam
By Piero Pomponi World Focus
27 Jul 2012

Nha Trang - Vietnam - South East Asia- June 27th,2012- The power of the mind is infinite but not so deceitful as to drive the human being to suffer from the disturbances of its cognitive complexities on its own. Mental illnesses don’t just happen at the touch of a magical baton; they stem from a diverse fountain of anomalies and traumas spreading its viral and manic tentacles through different mental faculty mediums and in different forms of physical existence.
For the sufferer this represents a prison of self-hell, for reasoning is not capable to capture the very essence and the root cause of such torment. For our Universe, it further vindicates that health disparities through the lack of human rights, moral code, social and cultural injustices still prevail in the 21st century, where overall evolution for some still remains merely a word spelled with 9 letters and for others, the playground for continued obscure methods and treatments of torture towards victims of this dark yet un-chosen path of extreme abnormality.
There comes a time where honor and integrity for a just world need a mass calling, through the silent voices of all those that are not only living in the cell of their own self-inferno but also, are being prisoners of blacken and degrading action from other mortals defined as a disgrace to Humankind.
It takes courage, valor and unwavering will to document horrific affairs of Humanity; even if it means the potential loss of one’s life for the sake of protecting voiceless human suffering. In Nha Trang psychiatric hospital, a lager in most cases, mental illness patients, still leaving with chains in a total state of slavery and deprivation of freedom.
The picture shows Leu Than Bi, 57 years old, former vietnamese soldier, driving his motorcycle, going to visit his son that is a mental illness patient in the Nha Trang psychiatric Hospital. Since eleven years, every trursday, early in the morning, Leu Than Bi, goes in the psychiatric ward, to give some food and cigarette to his soon, who's considered a mental illness patient by vietnamese authorities.

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Costumed protesters at an anti-nuclea...
Taipei, Taiwan
By CraigFergusonImages
10 Mar 2013

Tens of thousands took to the streets of Taipei in an anti-nuclear protest. Timed to coincide with the second anniversary of Japan's Fukushima disaster, the rally called for a halt to the under-construction fourth nuclear plant as well as the shutdown of the three operating plants. The rally came just days after the government announced that a referendum would be held over halting construction on the fourth power plant.

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FARM TO FORK trailer
03 Oct 2012

It is strange to observe that despite the sacred statute of food in Nepal, it is paradoxically the origin of many diseases sometimes leading to death. We know that millions of people don’t have enough to eat, and that some of them even face severe conditions of malnutrition. Of all facts, food security remains a major problem in Nepal. But what we know less is that 50% of the diseases come from a misuse of food and water. This alarming figure is more than ever a topical issue. In order to find answers and solutions, we investigated the backstage of food, from where it is produced – the farm – to our final consumption – the fork!
This trailer is about a documentary of 38mn (nepali version with english subtitles) in HD 1080i. Possible to get an international version.