Editor's Picks for 13 Aug 2012: Sinai, Gaza & Egypt's New Defense Minister

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12 Aug 2012 23:00

Includes video footage of the aftermath of the military retaliation on suspected attackers in Sinai, archive footage of goods being moved through Gaza/Rafah tunnels, the new Defense Minister & Vice President taking oaths in front of Morsi, and the public's reaction in Tahrir Square to Tantawi leaving.

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Gunmen Attack Police Station In Sinai...
Al Arish, Egypt
By U.S. Editor
12 Aug 2012

Ongoing clashes with gunmen in the Sinai have the Egyptian military responding with heavy security presence of armored vehicles and armed soldiers deployed outside Al-Arish Police Station 2 on Sunday evening, August 12.

Local News Agency: Middle East Bureau / VCS
Shooting Dateline: August 12, 2012 (and archive)
Shooting Location: Cairo, Egypt
Publishing Time: August 12, 2012
Length: 0:00:57
Video Size: 47.4 MB
Organized by:
Camera: Egyptian State TV


  1. Various shots of the area surrounding the building of the police station
  2. Various external shots of Al-Arish Police Station
  3. Medium shot, the signboard of the police station with the name written on it
  4. Various shots of armored vehicles and armed police men securing the police station building
  5. Various shots of traffic around the building amid massive security presence