Haiti 2010

Collection with 2 media items created by Jonathan Giesen ★★★★★

17 Feb 2010 11:00

A series of videos produced in the wake of the Earthquake that struck Haiti in early January 2010.

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Rebuilding the Port of Port au Prince...
Port of Port Au Prince
By Jonathan Giesen
01 Feb 2011

Days after the tragic Haitian earthquake in January 2011, the US military swept in to take over port duties due to the significant increase in donations from around the world. Given the sticky political and military history with the United States, this recent collaboration in reviving the flow of goods into and out of the port has been met with different levels of enthusiasm. Regardless, the transition of control back to the Haitians is underway. We're offered a slice of life in the daily activities of the port where we learn about the relationship between the US military and meet the head of the transition team and workers contracted to help with the change.