Estilismo: Cuba's Up and Coming Fashion Designers

Collection with 21 media items created by Jonathan Alpeyrie

Cuba 12 Jan 2015 00:00

When one thinks about Cuba, and what it represents to foreigners who visit the country, people usually think: Communism, Castro, embargo, Guantanamo, and cigars. Over the past few years, and with Fidel slowly passing the reign of power to his younger brother Raoul, Cuba has gradually opened its doors to the rest of the world allowing its people to venture a bit into this globalized world. Cuban youth was quick to recognized the various opportunities offered to them in the form cultural and professional expression. The fashion industry, for instance, is not a trend which has prospered within Cuba during its Communist years, but with the slow democratization of its institutions and habits, Cuba is seeing a burgeoning fashion industry spearheaded by a handful of smart, and talented young men and women whiling to take artistic risks and turn their art into something purely born out of Cuba’s rich history. These young artists creation take from Cuban’s old history while adding a touch of modernity best represented by Cuba’s upcoming future as well as its place in this world.