Queen of Controversy: Miss Lebanon 2014

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28 Dec 2014 22:00

Photo gallery of Sally Greige, Miss Lebanon 2014, who was at the center of an international controversy after allegedly being 'photo-bombed' by Miss Israel at the Miss Universe beuaty pageant in Miami. Lebanon and Israel are technically in a state of war and Lebanese citizens are banned from having contact with Israelis. 

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Q&A with Richard Pharon, Miss Lebanon...
By Pamela Nabhan
21 Jan 2015

An interview with Richard Aoun, Saly Greige's (Miss Lebanon), answering questions concerning the selfie scandal that occurred when Miss Israel 'allegedly' 'photobombed' her.

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Miss Lebanon 2014 Saly Greige in London
By Pamela Nabhan
20 Jan 2015

Miss Lebanon celebrating Lebanese Independence Day in London

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Miss Lebanon 2014 Saly Greige
By Pamela Nabhan
17 Oct 2014

Greige posing over the bay of Jounieh, Lebanon.