War-scarred Bosnia

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09 May 2013 09:00

"When the war ends, wounds remain." The war in Bosnia and Herzegovina has ended more then twenty years ago, but the war-scarred houses and buildings silently remind us how difficult and slow is return to peace. Bombed buildings and burnt houses are still evident all over the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is the series of images taken on the territory of Republic of Srpska (Bosanski Brod, Derventa and Doboj) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
From the Spring of 1992 to the Autumn of 1995, brutal war ravaged the heart of Europe. Every family in Bosnia was deeply affected by the atrocities and suffering that tore the multi-ethic society apart. More than 100,000 people died in the conflict between Bosnian Muslims, Croats and Serbs.
Two separate entities were set up by Dayton, the Muslim/Croat Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Republic of Srpska, each with its own president, government, parliament, police, etc.
While the guns and shells stopped seeding death in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995, the country and its people still struggle to find its path for reconstruction and reconciliation.

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