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05 Sep 2013 09:00

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Tsavo East, Kenya
By Karel Prinsloo
07 Jun 2013

Kenya Wildlife Ranger Sgt. Benson Epae clean his gun at a temporarily base in the Tsavo East game park in Kenya 7 June 2013. PHOTO/KAREL PRINSLOO

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Homemade oil refineries (1 of 12)
Ras al Ain, Syria
By Jeffry Ruigendijk
21 Apr 2013

One of Abu Zechariah's sons covers his mouth and nose while working with the refinery to avoid inhaling the smoke emitted from the rusty tank in Ras al-Ain, Syria, April, 2013.

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Bab Al Salameh IDP Camp
Bab El-Salameh IDP Camp, Syria
By zackbaddorf
23 Aug 2013

LEAD: As the US prepares to strike targets inside Syria, the people of Syria are preparing for a US response. Reporter Zack Baddorf, with Transterra Media, went to an Internally Displaced Persons camp in Syria to speak to some Syrians about their response to the attack and what they want the international community to do.


Sameer Idris prepares tea outside her tent in the Bab al Salameh Internally Displaced Persons Camp. She’s been living here, alongside about 11,000 other Syrians, for about four months. She says she and her family had no choice but to flee her home in Marea, north of Aleppo.

SAMEER: “My house was bombed. Cluster bombs were dropped near my house. Machine guns shot up my house, opening a hole in the wall. We don’t have money. We’re afraid.”

After hearing about the chemical attacks in Damascus, this mother of five said she worries that the President Bashar al Assad’s regime will use chemical weapons on the camp. She called on the United States to act.

SAMEER: “Now we know Bashar al Assad has used chemical weapons. I expect Obama to act. He has to do something now,” “We ask the international community to do something about this situation, to support the opposition, to do something against the regime. Bashar al Assad has a lot of money now so he can go to any country and live like a prince.”

To make some extra money, Sameer, who was a saleswoman back home, repairs other Syrians’ clothing using her hand-operated sewing machine.

Although, she insists she will stay in Syria, other Syrians are now leaving the country -- out of fear of more chemical attacks.

At the Syrian-Turkish border crossing, Mustafa Husain and his sons sit with a few boxes and bags -- their worldly possessions -- as they prepared to cross into Turkey to go live in a refugee camp there. They were previously living in the Bab al Salameh camp.

HUSAIN: “We came to Bab al Salameh because of shelling in our home areas but it wasn’t safe here either. There was shelling. The kids were afraid. Some people were injured and a woman was killed inside the camp,”

When they heard about the chemical attacks, Husain had enough.

HUSAIN: “The regime used chemicals in Damascus and elsewhere and they can do it in the Bab al Salameh camp, too.”

Back in the camp, Said Mermet walks home to his tent. He’s a border guard with the Free Syrian Army. He thinks Assad is destroying the country, especially after he heard about the chemical attacks in Damascus.

He called on Western countries to support the FSA.

MERMET: “Of course, we don’t expect them to fight for us,“ “We are responsible for our country, we can defend our country, we can free the regime.”

Mermet said that Kalishnikovs, sniper weapons and other small weapons can’t do the job. The rebels need bigger, better weapons.

MERMET: “The FSA will do the rest. We will finish Bashar al Assad.” [This quote comes from within the last clip of Mermet]

For Transterra Media, I’m Zack Baddorf, Bab al Salameh Internally Displaced Persons Camp, Syria.

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Elevated Subway Stations in New York ...
New York, USA
By Ulrik Pedersen
15 Apr 2013

One of the few elevated subway-stations on Manhattan.125 st station, Manhattan, New York.

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Interview with Simon Letellier
By Simon Letellier
14 Aug 2013

Contributor Simon Letellier, tells the story of his experience in the emergency rooms in Syria

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Wildlife Crimes (2 of 47)
Oua River, Gabon
By James Morgan
23 Jun 2012

Eco guards patrol the Oua river in North West Gabon. Rivers are often used as quick ways to export poached Ivory and other bush meat out of the jungle.

James Morgan / WWF-CANON

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West Bank Barrier (10 of 11)
West Bank, Israel
By Osie Greenway
13 Aug 2012

The Israeli West Bank barrier is a security and separation barrier under construction by the State of Israel along and within the West Bank. This mural on a wall close to the barrier is a piece by the English street artist Banksy, depicting a Palestinian child searching an israeli soldier. His work and this piece is known worldwide and has become a tourist attraction in Bethlehem.

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Kenyan Grade School (8 of 16)
isiolo, kenya
By Ulrik Pedersen
03 Oct 2012

Female students exercising during physical education in High Vision private school in Isiolo, Kenya.