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27 Aug 2013 08:00

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Wildlife Crimes (10 of 47)
Menkebe, Gabon
By James Morgan
25 Jun 2012

Central Africa is in the midst of an elephant poaching crisis. In order to combat the problem, the president of Gabon has recruited a whole new section of the army devoted to fighting back against wildlife crime. Here, Mba Ndong Marius holds seized Ivory tusks in front of a pile of confiscated weapons. Menkebe, Gabon.

James Morgan / WWF-CANON

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Wounded Free Syrian Army Soldier
By Simon Letellier
26 May 2013

A wounded Free Syrian Army soldier was aided by doctors in a hospital after being shot by a sniper in Aleppo, Syria, May, 2013.

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Bricks of Bangladesh (11 of 24)
Faridpur, Bangladesh
By Karim Mostafa
27 Jan 2013

In 2010, UNDP Bangladesh launched a five-year program to transform the brick-making industry and replace old and inefficient kilns with new ones, friendly to the environment. Faridpur, Bangladesh. January 2013. View the full collection here: http://transterramedia.com/collections/1201

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Cairo by TokTok (11 of 26)
Giza, Egypt
By Teo Butturini
23 Mar 2013

A view of the streets of Imbaba (Cairo, Egypt), as seen from the back seat of a toktok. Living conditions in the local areas are very poor, and residents complain that the government has completely forgotten about them since the elections.

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Registered Dangerous Trailer
By khalil_raof
20 Apr 2011

A trailer for Registered Dangerous, a one hour documentary about the criminal underclass in Egypt.

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The Dreams of Sparrows
By aaron.raskin
20 Feb 2011

Iraqi Director Hayder Daffar's history first documentary in post-Saddam Iraq. After the capture of Saddam, DAFFAR'S search for the truth takes him through all walks of life in Iraq, into the arts and culture of Baghdad, drawing the viewer into powerful encounters with Iraqi painters, writers and filmmakers. As the film continues, the interviews veer towards the politics of occupation and resistance, concluding with the battle over Falluja and the devastating death of one of the crew members. In somber self interviews made following the production, the filmmakers reveal the dramatic changes in their beliefs caused not only by the situation in Iraq, but also by the process of documenting it.

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LEBANON: Pact of Silence
By carloscastro
01 Jun 2011

Those who fought the war imposed silence. They could do so because they still have power. The political elite in Lebanon neither assumed their guilt in a conflict that pitted the country's communities nor held external actors accountable for their participation. Their objective has been to build a new country over the ruins of the old one in order to forget the war. The words justice, truth and reconciliation are not on the political agenda, but there are voices still crying courageous. "I can not reconcile with the criminal if I do not know the truth. Then I will decide whether to forgive or not", says Wadada Halwani, president of the Committee of Families of the Kidnapped and Missing persons in Lebanon.

The long way towards peace starts just after the signature of the peace agreements, when the complex and difficult process of building peace, memory, truth, reconciliation and justice for all the victims begins. The documentaries of the ‘After Peace' project seek to analyze and explain different paths taken by various countries who suffered an armed conflict in the last quarter of the 20th century. Researchers, activists for peace and reconciliation, victims, lawyers and educators expose what has been done and what has been ignored in their countries and talk about their experiences.

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Ship-breaking yards (2 of 24)
Sitakund, Bangladesh
By Michael Biach
10 Apr 2012

Area at the ship-breaking yards in Sitakund, near Chittagong. Piece by piece ships are dismantled. Workers face tough conditions, extreme hard labor, fatal working incidents, the exposure of asbestos and toxic waste are among the deadly threats.

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Women Fighters in Aleppo (1 of 12)
Aleppo, Syria
By horizon news agency
01 Jul 2013

This 17-year old former college student now fighter is one of thirteen young Syrian women who have formed their own combat unit called "Um Al-Mouminin Aisha" to defend their community from attacks by the Syrian Regime on the Salaheldin neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria.

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Samir Waiting for Syria
Mafraq, Jordan
By Osie Greenway
27 Oct 2012

Samir, remains hopeful for a proper surgery to be able to walk without pain again and to leave the Zaatari camp that now holds over 100,000 Syrian refugees, but he is thankful for his Jordanian brothers.