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26 Jul 2013 08:00

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Protest over Brahimi Killing (2 of 16)
Tunis, Tunisia
By ST McNeil
25 Jul 2013

After the brutal killing of Popular Current Party leader Mohamed Al-Brahimi, who was shot eleven times in the head in front of his family, angry protesters marched along the Habib Bourguiba Ave. in Tunis, on July 25, this is the second political assassination in six months. (photo by ST McNeil 2013)

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Street Fighters of Tripoli 14
Tripoli Lebanon
By Osie Greenway
31 May 2013

Lebanese armored vehicles block the main up hill road that has seen the worst fighting in the last months, this road separates the battling neighborhoods of Jabal Mohsen and Bab Tebbaneh in Tripoli.

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"Hidden in the Sand" Trailer
Famagusta, Cyprus and Nicosia, Cyprus
By Vasia Markides
26 Jul 2013

In 1974, a coup backed by the Greek military junta instigated Turkey to invade the nation of Cyprus. They captured almost 40% of the island and displaced its residents, both Greek- and Turkish-Cypriot. Varosha, which was a thriving port city in Famagusta on the east coast of Cyprus, was occupied and all its Greek-Cypriot residents forced to leave their homes. Since then, Varosha has been encircled by barbed wire and kept under surveillance by the Turkish military, which uses the territory as a bargaining chip in negotiations with the Cyprus government. Its citizens are still forbidden to return. Over the last 38 years, Varosha went from being “Cyprus’s Riviera”, to a dilapidated ghost city; its former inhabitants watch their houses decay from outside the barricades. Within Varosha’s limits rare sea turtles nest on the beaches, bougainvilleas overtake deteriorating homes, and wild asparagus and prickly pear plants run rampant. As both the maker and a participant, the filmmaker examines the fate of this “city in captivity” and her family’s connection to it. Contemporary scenes of the vacant city are contrasted with archives of the bourgeoning Varosha of the 1970’s. Ultimately though, the film tackles the ugly effects of nationalism, militarism, and propaganda in the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities.

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Pottery Workshop In Gaza City (3 of 12)
Gaza City
By AhmedDeeb
06 Jun 2013

A boy loads clay pots into storage rooms in a pottery factory, which has been a source of income and pride for the Attallah family for generations. Gaza Strip, June, 2013.

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Immigrant Single Mothers, Invisible R...
Bangkok, Thailand
By Biel Calderon
06 Jun 2013

Sania (random name), 33, left Pakistan in 2012, one year after the escape of her husband, a member of an opposition organization. She lives with her three children in Bangkok, while her husband is hold in an Immigration Detention Center located in the same city. Both have been recognized as refugees.da, where she will be resettled.

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The Siege Of Kabul - Afghan Forces vs...
Kabul, Afghanistan
By johnjournalist
25 May 2013

Raw footage from a major battle with the Taliban in Kabul.
Afghan forces fought for 6 hours with up to 8 insurgents after they assaulted and besieged a building in the centre of Kabul.
The insurgent attack was preceded by a very large explosion, believed to be a car bomb, and gunfire.

The battle raged into the night with multiple explosions believed to be rocket propelled grenades fired by both sides.

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Cham fisher folk fear their future (2...
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
By Kristof Vadino
23 Jan 2013

Cham fishermen pray in their mosque, an open space with a green cloth that also serves as a roof. “When the wind is blowing hard, our mosque sometimes collapses. Then we have to built it up again,” says Treh Roun, one of the three local leaders. Behind the mosque, the Sokha hotel is under construction. The 16-floor hotel will probably be opened in 2014 and is expected to have room for about 800 guests.

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Low Income Families Face Evictions in...
Milan, Italy
By Alice Sassu
26 Jul 2013

The Mauhay family says goodbye to their home after being evicted. Milan, Italy, July, 2013.