Editor's Picks 7 May 2013

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07 May 2013 08:00

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Masked Men
By AlFardan
14 Feb 2013

A parade of masked protesters march against the violent death of Hussain Al Jazeeri who was killed by riot police using bird shot.

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Nairobi, Kenya
By Karel Prinsloo
28 Feb 2013

A man poses doing the splits on a railway track in Kibera.
Picture/Karel Prinsloo

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Election Fever in Pakistan (4 of 7)
Sialkot, Pakistan
By Muhammed Furqan
06 May 2013

A Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf supporter in a election rally in Sialkot Pakistan.

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Mali Portraits (6 of 11)
Tessit, Mali
By bindra
07 Oct 2012

Name: Ag Alasse Dicko Moussa
Age: 49
City: Tessit

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QUITO, Angola, Kosovo, The African bush
By serengeti1 serengeti1
05 May 2013

There is one landmine for every 17 children in the world, says UNICEF. This means one landmine for every 52 people in more than 70 countries. This is a link to a riveting story: it's about things that go boom! and children without legs.

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Rebuilding the Port of Port au Prince...
Port of Port Au Prince
By Jonathan Giesen
01 Feb 2011

Days after the tragic Haitian earthquake in January 2011, the US military swept in to take over port duties due to the significant increase in donations from around the world. Given the sticky political and military history with the United States, this recent collaboration in reviving the flow of goods into and out of the port has been met with different levels of enthusiasm. Regardless, the transition of control back to the Haitians is underway. We're offered a slice of life in the daily activities of the port where we learn about the relationship between the US military and meet the head of the transition team and workers contracted to help with the change.

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KENYA XYZ SHOW (13 of 21)
Nairobi, Kenya
By Karel Prinsloo
26 Feb 2013

Puppeteers work with puppets at the GoDown Arts Centre , 26 February 2013 where the satirical television program, The XYZ Show is produced. A satirical television program, The XYZ Show comments on current political and social affairs in Kenya through the use of latex puppets resembling prominent figures.On The XYZ Show, national leaders in Kenya are lampooned with the purpose of using humour to address difficult and controversial national issues while promoting transparency in government. The XYZ Show is modelled after the UK’s “Spitting Image” and France’s “Les Guignols de L’Info” television programs.

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Hefazot E Islam rally
Dhaka, Bangladesh
By Khandaker Azizur Rahman
05 May 2013

Hefazot E Islam called for a meeting on May 5th, 2013, in Motijeel, Dhaka, Bangladesh for the purpose of passing the new blasphemy law. Upon their arrival, the police began firing at the Hefazot E Islam activists with modern weaponry leaving the activists to defend themselves with sticks and bricks.

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Moscow May 6th Prisoners Rally (5 of 18)
Moscow, Russia
By Marina Fonda
06 May 2013

Thousands gathered in Moscow in in support of opposition activists who were arrested at last year's May 6 rally on Bolotnaya Square in a rally during Putin's entrance into office. Protester show a Alexey Navalny pamphlet.

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Montreal, Canada
By SpiralDragon
31 Oct 2012

Ensglish follows

Réalisé de façon indépendante sans aucune contribution financière, le film Dérives est le résultat de plus de trente heures d'entretiens réalisés avec des citoyennes et des citoyens témoins et victimes d'abus policiers.

Le film est partagé gratuitement depuis le 13 février dernier sur Internet à partir du site web du collectif (www.99media.org), avec l'objectif de nourrir le débat public sur la question de l'exercice de la répression et ses conséquences sociales. Une répression qui fut banalisée - voire encouragée - à la fois par les sphères politiques et médiatiques québécoises.

En un mois, le total des visionnements pour Dérives a atteint la somme de 50 000. Le film a également été diffusé plusieurs fois devant public et sera projeté le samedi 16 mars 2013 dans le cadre du festival Hors Cadre. Il s’agit d’un succès qui dépasse toute espérance pour un film qui n'a fait l'objet d'aucune mention par les médias traditionnels et qui prouve que les créateurs des médias émergents pourront désormais s'affranchir de la nécessité d'une attention médiatique.


Produced independently without any financial aid, Dérives is the result of more than thirty hours of interview with citizen witnesses, and victims, of police brutality.

The film has been available online for free since February 13th on the collective's website (www.99media.org), with the goal of contributing to the public debate on the issue of repression and its social consequences... repression that has been banalised, even encouraged, by Quebec's political and media spheres.

A month after its release, Dérives has been seen more than 50 000 times. The film has also been screened publicly a number of times and will be featured on Saturday, March 16th 2013 at the Hors Cadre festival. This is an unprecedented success for a Quebec documentary without any traditional media mention, proving the emerging media scene can now overcome the need of mainstream media attention.

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Tens of thousands of children studyin...
Pakistan Administered Kashmir (PAK)
By objectivereporter
03 Mar 2013

Around 2, 800 schools were decimated by an earthquake that hit a large part of northern Pakistan in 2005. The government failed to reconstruct those schools even after 8 years, risking the lives of thousands of children who are forced to take lessons under the open sky in harsh winter and scorching summer. The government claims that it faces a paucity of funds to rebuild decimated schools while on the other hand, critics of government say most funds provided by the international community for rehabilitation have been directed to other projects. Officials say around 200,000 children in areas located above 5000 feet high altitude are compelled to continue study either in wall-less, roofless shelters or worn-out tents. Government claims that 1,100 schools out of total 2, 800 have so far been built while construction work 900 schools has been suspended due to want of funds. The construction work on 700 schools yet to be started. Due to non-availability of funds number of drop out of children have been increased as parents are reluctant to send their children to such schools due to health hazards.
The October 8, 2005 earthquake, which originated in the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan was the worst disaster in the history of the country; it left more than 70,000 dead, injured twice that number, left up to 1 million homeless and 1 million in immediate need of assistance.
The Government of Pakistan estimated that 17,000 children died, 23,000 children suffered disabilities and long-term injuries while more than 39,000 children lost one parent and 1,700 lost both parents. Thousands more were left homeless and vulnerable. Most of children died when they were in schools when earthquake struck the area razing sub-standard constructed schools buildings to ground and burying thousands of children alive