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06 May 2013 08:00

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Activists of Hefazot E Islam
Dhaka, Bangladesh
By Khandaker Azizur Rahman
05 May 2013

Hefazot E Islam called for a meeting on May 5th, 2013, in Motijeel, Dhaka, Bangladesh for the purpose of passing the new blasphemy law. Upon their arrival, the police began firing at the Hefazot E Islam activists with modern weaponry leaving the activists to defend themselves with sticks and bricks.

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Deir Ezzor, Syria (1 of 10)
Deir Ezzor, Syria
By Antonio-Pampliega
11 Mar 2013

Rebels for the katiba Shuhaa Al Arfie in the Al Mouada Fin (District)

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KENYA XYZ SHOW (12 of 21)
Nairobi, Kenya
By Karel Prinsloo
26 Feb 2013

Puppet maker Im Muchemi poses with a clay mould of a puppet.

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Minorities in Georgia ( 12 of 37)
Tbilisi, Georgia
By TemoBardzimashvili
09 Apr 2010

A Roma community in Tbilisi. Roma are one of the most stigmatized small minorities in Georgia. “They are savages,” “they all should be in prison,” “are they human beings at all?” These are some of the answers for a poll conducted by journalists in the middle of Tbilisi. The question that random Georgians were asked was “what do you know about the Roma people?” In Georgia at best they are associated with street sellers, beggars, fortunetellers, that is people, who bother you while you’re walking in the street. In a worse case - they are thought of as thieves and swindlers.

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Holon Purim Parade 2013 – Toy Symphon...
By Carlos van as
24 Feb 2013

A mammoth mate of plastic bags seen in the holon parade it’s time to be a kid again! The Holon Adloyada – the traditional Purim Parade, will take a trip to toyland with this year’s theme: Toy Symphony. The parade will take place on February 24, 2013 beginning at 12:00 The Adloyada will march along Sokolov Street and end at Weizmann, corner of Leon Blum Street. The fun will begin an hour before the parade, at 11:00, with street performances along the route.

It’s the biggest and brightest Purim parade, with giant floats and 4,500 participants from Holon, and coming to Holon from all over the country – dancers, acrobats, bands, and street performers.

Parade Highlights:

Leading the way will be a gigantic toy train made of 20,000 colorful flowers, accompanied by dancers dressed as flowers.

Dancers and musicians will emerge from an enormous Baroque music box 5 meters tall.

Geppetto will be bringing Pinocchio, followed by a Puppet Theater and 200 children making marionettes dance on their strings.

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Pacification (22 of 23)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
By Rafael Fabres
15 Feb 2012

UPP Soldiers Queiroz, Neris, Ferreira and L.Guedes from the 2nd UPP of the 4th Military Police Battalion inspect the overview of the favela of Sao Carlos from a waste ground know as Larguinho, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, February 28, 2012.

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Pakistan Parliamentary Elections 2013...
Manshera, Pakistan
By Adnan Ali
02 May 2013

Meshar, Pakistan.
Supporters of legendary cricket player and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan take part in a parliamentary elections campaign meeting.

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30,000 laborers march on Labor Day
Metro Manila, Philippines
By Sherbien Dacalanio
01 May 2013

Around 30,000 militant and labor groups march to Liwasang Bonifacio on May 1, 2013, Labor Day urging the government for salary increases of 125 pesos across the board nationwide.

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Holocaust Survivor's Experiences Conn...
By upheavalproductions
20 Apr 2011

Dr. Hajo Meyer is a Holocaust survivor and anti-Zionist activist. He has been conducting a speaking tour titled "Never Again For Anyone," sharing his experiences of surviving Auschwitz and his perceptions of Zionism and the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

This video is a selection of clips from an interview with Dr. Meyer on February 19, 2011 and discusses his views of the antagonistic relationship between Zionism and Judaism.

Produced by Upheaval Productions.

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"We Resist" _ TRAILER
Buenos Aires, Argentina
By @LatAmSight
21 Apr 2012

Directors: Philippe Bernard § Nicolas Mu
Trailer Editor DF: Mariano Melega
Creative Producer: Rebecca Martin

Brief synopsis

Hip-hop: whatever the language, whatever the country, these two words conjure up negative images. Many people see hip-hop only as a musical genre and consider it indelibly linked to violence, drugs and delinquency. Yet the overriding aim of hip-hop as a culture is to unite, educate and spread peace. It does this through four distinct forms of expression: words (rap), music, dance and graffiti. Our documentary examines the rise of hip-hop in a country whose recurrent economic and social crises have left it, too, on the margins. The result is a unique look behind the clichés of Argentina, known abroad largely for football, tango and Evita. We see Buenos Aires, and hip-hop, with new eyes.
Argentina’s turbulent contemporary history, including periods of openness and others of isolation from the outside world, have forced hip-hop musicians and artists to merge influences from abroad with elements of their own national culture. Hip-hop still occupies a niche in Argentina, but it is extremely dynamic and has forged its own identity, rather than simply copying its American or French cousins.
Graffiti artists from France, Brazil or the United States who were unable to give free rein to their artistic expression because of police repression at home, found incredible freedom and acres of white walls in Argentina. They taught their techniques to Argentine graffiti artists who imbued them with their own particular hallmarks: Jaz is one of the precursors of the “grafiteado” style, a mix between graffiti and the home-grown “fileteado” whose flourishes and curlicues are an Argentine tradition, still adorning city buses and signs today. The rapper Mustafa Yoda drew his influence from “payadores” or gaucho minstrels famous for their improvisation, for his freestyle battles. Argentina’s convulsed political, social and economic history continues to inspire the combative lyrics of groups such as Bas Crew or Actitud María Marta. El Guapo appears as the symbol of this successful quest for identity : he unites the past and the future, tango, folk, rock and hip-hop. With his inimitable style, this great collector of tango records plunges us into the Argentina of Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzola.
This documentary peels back the skin of Argentina. The creativity, dedication and determination of these hip-hop artists are a reflection of a country which continues to advance, despite its political, social and economic difficulties.