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26 Apr 2013 08:00

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Mopti, Mali (2 of 3)
Mopti, Mali.
By George Henton
01 Feb 2013

Images from Mopti, Mali, taken during the ongoing conflict in West Africa.

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NuJiang (13 of 25)
GongShan, Yunnan, China
By Teo Butturini
05 Feb 2013

A young boy is waiting on the doorstep, close to the GongShan bus station.

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Between the two stones (13 of 15)
Darbnik, Armenia
By Nazik Armenakyan
16 Apr 2011

Iraqi Armenian boys play with Darbnik's native children.

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Azerbaijan: An Illusion (7 of 12)
Baku, Azerbaijan
By Andreas bro
21 May 2012

Woman screaming before she is driven of by police.
The woman was a part of a peaceful protest during the Eurovision. After the woman was targeted she was quietly taken to the vehicle by several police officers and undercover agents.
There is a lack of freedom of speech. You have a certain space to speak out but only light criticism is tolerated. During the Eurovision the authorities struck down hard on anyone trying to draw attention to Azerbaijan’s poor human rights record.

According to Max Tucker of Amnesty international it can be very dangerous to be a part of a protest and that way speak your mind.

“Protesters are arrested just for shouting the word freedom. It can get you up to 10 days in prison. If you are organizing the protest you can get several years in prison.”

Another approach is to arrest everyone that is believed to be a part of the protest take them to the police station and registrate them. There have been reports of people being interrogated about their political persuasion. When the interrogation is over people will be driven out into the desert and left to find their way back on their own. It is an effective way to dismantle the protest.

During the Eurovision this happened during at least one demonstration that took place in front of the national TV station.
As of now there are at least 5 political prisoners in jails in Azerbaijan and other ongoing investigations into opposition people.

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LP Street Gangs in Citee du Soleil, H...
Cite Soleil, Haiti
By Jonathan Alpeyrie
06 Feb 2013

The Haitian LP Street gang is one of many gangs controlling the various slumps found through out the capital Port-au-Prince in Haiti. Some gangs are more violent then others. The most hardcore ones control their turf using intimidation and violence with guns smuggled to Haiti via the US or South America. Murders are a common site in the Haitian capital where most of the 2.5 million souls live in poverty. Certain parts of Port-au-Prince, like Citee du Soleil are as dangerous as the famous favelas of Rio.
Basha, the leader of the LP Street gang is not just a gang leader, but also a community organizer. As the Haitian government has mostly failed its people after the earthquake of 2010, Basha and his 16 strong groups of soldiers have taken upon themselves to help the people living within his zone of influence. His second hand man, Sam, helps him with all tasks that might be needed to assure the gang’s survival. From acquiring weapons to drugs, or taking cuts on the profit from the local whorehouse, the LP street gang, in that sense resembles many of the other gangs involved in crime in Port-au-Prince. However Basha and his main soldier, Sam, who grew up in Florida, have decided to also help locals but forcing politicians to listen to them.
Basha will spend time organizing meetings with ministers to open their eyes on the current situation people are living in. To this date, tenth of thousands of Haitians still living in tent cities spread out around the capital, adding to the already deep fracture of Haitian society. LP gang members go around the various camps in their zone of influence breaking up fights, easing tensions, or trying to have bathrooms and electricity built in the camps. With some success, the LP street gang has managed to assert its authority on the people.
Other gangs in the capital also control various parts of the capital, with Citee du Soleil, being the most dangerous of all the slums in Port-au-Prince. Citee du Soleil, known for its violence, and gun battles, is also a meeting ground for gangs if discussions are needed. In 2010, right after the earthquake UN troops battled their way inside the area to flush out gang soldiers, killing dozens in the process. Today, the gangs have taken control of the Citee du Soleil slums once more. The LP street gang have, overtime, establish strong connections with the though gangs controlling the area. Deals are made, information is passed long, making sure, and everyone gets a cut of the action.
The LP street gang lead by Basha and his man Sam, are hopeful that Haiti’s future will be bright, but as tensions are rising once more within the small nation, the gangs are ready at all times to make their mark with the use of weapons and extortions. The LPs are no exceptions.

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Cairo by TokTok (2 of 26)
Shubra El Khaymah, Egypt
By Teo Butturini
23 Mar 2013

A toktok, a three wheeled moto-rickshaw, carries passengers in the suburb of Shobra El Kheima (Cairo, Egypt). These vehicles appeared almost 10 years ago, and have grown massively popular in the overcrowded streets of the local areas.

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Islamic Fashion in Istanbul (38 of 40)
Istanbul, Turkey
By Monique Jaques
11 Apr 2013

At a fashion shoot for ALA Magazine, the first magazine in Turkey for conservative women. The shoot is at Bretz Home in Kemerburgaz, Istanbul. Turkey

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African Wood Company Seeks to Refores...
Yatta, Kitui - Kenya
By Ruud Elmendorp
14 Nov 2012

The Africa Wood Grow company is trying a new angle on replanting, and combatting deforestation. They hope to make their endeavor lucrative, and attractive to business owners who need lumber, and other wood products.

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From All Sides: Violence and Policing...
Oakland, CA
By upheavalproductions
01 Apr 2013

A quick sample taken from preliminary interviews providing an overview of the proposed subject matter for a short documentary news piece.

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Street Fighters of Tripoli 1
Lebanon Tripoli
By Osie Greenway
16 Aug 2013

Sunni fighters some who have been fighting in the area for over twenty years in Bab al Tabbaneh believe the time is coming for major conflict against the Alawite militias based in nearby Jabal Mohsen in Tripoli, Lebanon.