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Egypt's Revolutionary Artist's Union
Cairo, Egypt
By Kevin McAfee
01 Jul 2011

A short produced video about a group of artists who occupy Tahrir Square to promote peaceful artwork about the Egyptian revolution.

Matching article with photo illustration can be found at: www.kevin-mcafee.com

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Transition (Part 2 of 2)
Moscow, Russia
By Marina Fonda
03 Jan 2010

Wissam is a Journalism student in Moscow and former Syrian Army officer. After being forbidden by his advisor teacher of writing his final paper on the farce of Russian coverage of the conflicts on Syria, he decides to head back to his homeland to make a film and show Russians what's really going on in his country. But they seem to have already been persuaded by state TVs' official propaganda pro Bashar Al Assad.
This teaser refers to a full HD 50 min. documentary film.

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The People of Pingelap (5 of 27)
Pingelap, Federated States of Micronesia
By Hannes von der Fecht
25 Mar 2008

Children playing in the pacific ocean.

Pingelap is a small island in the Pacific Ocean, a part of the Federate States of Micronesia. About 240 people live on this atoll. Ten per cent of them have a genetic form of colour blindness, achromatopsia, meaning their sight is extremely diffused and their eyes very sensitive to light. This disease is locally known as "Maskun", which in Pingelapese language means "to not see".
In his book, The Island of the Colorblind, Oliver Sacks, author and neurologist, describes the life of the inhabitants of Pingelap. His interest is based on the question, if, because of the multitude of people with Maskun in Pingelap, there is an independent culture of colour blind people. This book inspired me to travel to Pingelap and create a photographic series as a study in the perception of people with Maskun. I discovered that in everyday life people with Maskun are hardly distinguishable from those without – only the constant blinking of the eyes in the bright sunshine reveals any difference. With my camera I wanted to somehow visualise how the island was percieved by its inhabitants and come to terms with those who are living with Maskun.

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International Children's Day (13 of 18)
Ankara, Turkey
By Amy Hume
23 Apr 2013

Turkey's Next Generation
Turkey's International Children's Day, April 23, was created in 1927. In addition to local school celebrations, many people pay their respects to the Turkish Republic's founding father, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on this day. Atatürk, who adopted 13 children, stressed the importance of education for future success of the Republic.

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Cyno MC in Berlin
Berlin, Germany
By Amy Hume
28 Jul 2011

The first representative of End of the Weak Uganda, Cyno, joined the annual World Finals in Berlin, which hosted Hip Hop artists from 7 countries. This was his first journey out of Uganda.

Hip Hop is a global phenomena that reaches nearly all corners of the Earth. Starting in the projects of NYC nearly 40 years ago, struggling youth from Mongolia to Rwanda use music as a weapon to express their situations, hopes, and dreams. Though Hip Hop culture is new to Uganda, it is becoming popular with people of all ages, but with the youth in particular. Hip Hop music is reaching the smallest of villages, as I witnessed in the war-torn area of Gulu. Access to music is free, which is an essential aspect of why Hip Hop is spreading like wildfire.
In 2009, End of the Weak (EOW), a collaboration of MCs, graffiti artists, break dancers and DJs that spans 17 countries, reached Uganda. All chapters of EOW are involved with community outreach, workshops for youth and exude positive influence in their communities through Hip Hop culture. The MC Challenge is a competition in each country wherein the winners gather at the World Finals, which are held in a different country each year. The MC Challenge is held in the central, eastern, western and northern regions of Uganda so that many different languages are represented in the competition. Winners of the MC Challenge are provided studio time, video production and photo shoots as a way to share and promote their music.

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NuJiang (9 of 25)
FuGong, Yunnan, China
By Teo Butturini
09 Aug 2012

A street view of the town of FuGong, as seen from a mini-bus. Fugong, at the center of the NuJiang Valley, is one of the main inhabited areas. Above this town the road gets dicey, especially with bad weather, because of the frequent landslides.

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French Embassy hit by Car Bomb in Tri...
Tripoli, Libya
By Tripcarbons
23 Apr 2013

Bomb explosion at 7.05 am. First attack of its kind on an Embassy in Tripoli.
Security guards and people living near by have been hospitalised.

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Strengthening Strategic Relations (2 ...
Jerusalem, Israel
By NirAlon
22 Apr 2013

Israeli President Shimon Peres holds a diplomatic working meeting with Azerbaijan FM Elmar Mammadyarov on strengthening the strategic relations between Azerbaijan and Israel. This is a historical first visit by an Azerbaijan FM in Israel. Jerusalem, Israel. 22-April-2013.