Blog Assignments and Archive Requests Videographer and Photographer in Danang, Vietnam for "Proof of Life" Supply Chain Shoot

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Dear Friends,

We're looking for a one-person video/photoshoot for a half-day in the coming days/weeks, depending upon your availability, in Danang.

If this is not for you, please feel free to pass this on to anyone you might think would be interested.

We are looking to capture “proof of life” photos and video for a product manufactured in Shenzhen on behalf of a European and US manufacturing group. This is purely for documentary proof not for any marketing or promotional activity.

Quick shot list:

  • Pictures of the front of the facility
  • Pictures of all of the pallets of the product of interest in the warehouse
  • Video of all of the pallets
  • Pictures of a case of the product with the day’s English newspaper clearly showing the date of the inspection
  • Open up the case (on video) and pull out a bottle of or box of the inventory of interest.
  • Take front and back pictures, also do the same thing with video

Budget: Let us know your day- rate. This project shouldn’t take more than a few hours but we’ll pay for a full-day rate. Travel Expenses are billable.

Equipment: 1 Camera (4K capable). Handheld photos and video is fine. There’s no need for extra lighting or stabilization.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please be in touch with me directly VIA EMAIL with any questions you might have. We will provide a short-list of candidates to the commissioning company on a rolling basis starting today. We'll close out this assignment by Friday morning, July 10th. PLEASE BE IN TOUCH AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

Vetting Specifications

Business Website. You will need to provide your business website as an additional reference.

Video Examples. Please provide us shareable links to videos that you have shot recently.

If you are unable to fulfill these requirements, we understand entirely. But if you are interested in future opportunities for both ed/doc or brand-related video, photo and VR content, please be in touch.

If short-listed, we'll provide you an NDA followed by an open contract specifically for this client. Following the legal procedures, we'll offer shooting schedules, shot list, deliverables, and contact information of your subject matter, as well as release forms: appearance, artwork, and location.

Thank you so much!