Blog Breaking Reporting Lebanon's Growing Anti-Corruption Movement

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What started a few weeks ago as a local protest against the collapse of the waste disposal system in Lebanon might grow into a major political movement. Only a few hundred meters from the Transterra Media head office in Downtown Beirut, Lebanon, people gathered this weekend to demand an end to what they call the systematic corruption of the entire political class. More than 5000, mostly young protesters gathered in Riad al-Solh Square, directly adjacent to the seat of the Lebanese Government. The initially peaceful gathering eventually descended into violence and saw police fire tear gas, water cannons and live ammunition to disperse the crowd.

Multiple contributors from Transterra Media covered the protest from the peaceful beginnings right up to the violent ending, which hospitalized more than 50 protesters and 35 policemen. It is likely more demonstrations will follow in the coming week, and TTM will continue to cover events as they unfold. The amount of violence also came as a surprise to the TTM reporters on the ground. The police water cannons nearly drowned the camera equipment - leading to the muffled audio quality during the second half of the footage.

For licensing footage from the protests, please contact [email protected] or call +961 1 660 426