Assignments, Briefs, Commissions, Requests, et al.

Gustavo Aleman - Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

The world's most recognized brands, NGOs, broadcasters, and publishers are looking for new feature content, news packages, archival elements and stock from across the globe.

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Production assignments range from micro-doc series for Scholastic, feature stories for the European Union, pickup shots for National Geographic, to breaking news assignments for CNN. Assignments vary in length from a half-day to a multi-month documentary shoot and paid according to your day rate.

Archival Requests.

We get archival requests from everyone! What we ask from you in return is that your media is uploaded in its native resolution without watermarks and that you have full rights to your video or photos.  Most of us never do anything with our archive and we know why - it takes a lot of time. We’re happy to help you to organize and upload your media.

Calls for Stories. Pitching.

We receive calls for stories (general requests for story ideas) from brands and ad agencies and we invite you to submit a pitch with supporting media straight from your profile. You can also pitch us your original story ideas, or stories “in production." Based on the story specs, we’ll market it to the appropriate client or commission you to produce the story outright.


We feature contributors, blog about others and create individual landing pages for our contributor’s stories. In fact, all of the content on this platform is built entirely from you.  We are always looking for better, more creative ways to market you and your stories. So, if you’ve got an idea?